Mr. Andrew Goldkuhle, our stained-glass artisan, reinstalled the 2 Narthex stairwell windows that he renovated. They look wonderful! The cracked glass has been repaired (artistic renovation does not replace, it repairs whenever possible) and the buckling in the windows flattened. The steel frame has been replaced with an aluminum frame. The frames and strengthening rods are grey, not black. The bronze locking handles and brass arms have been cleaned. Andrew has used brass screws instead of rivets to put the frames together which will make maintenance easier.
In the photos you can see that the gris (grey) glass in the background, instead of appearing white, transmits the color of whatever is behind it. In the “now” photo, the top parts, are green from the trees, and lower down, you see Andrew and his gloved hand. The window is brighter, it brings the outside in. With the clear glass cover, the window design is visible from the memorial garden and street (please look!), which brings our interior to the outside world. Overall, the window has a different effect and feeling.

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