Uncertain times call for big dreams. This summer at CLC we are calling all singers, dancers, artists, storytellers, students, parents, and anyone else who wants to join us as we create our first ever online summer musical production: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and stitching together a digital performance throughout the summer. If you would like a solo part, a chorus part, or just want to be involved in some other way, please email clcdcmusic@icloud.com.

Click HERE to see a preview video about the project.


  1. We’ve divided the story of Joseph into seven parts, and each week we’ll be adding more content. Feel free to browse ahead though to start getting familiar with the music.
  2. The Demo videos are from a professional production, and in many cases the songs are longer and slightly more complicated. The versions you’ll see in the musical scores and teaching tracks we are using are generally a little shorter and easier.
  3. In the musical scores: Chorus/Brothers parts are marked in Red. Youth Choir parts are marked in Yellow. Soloist parts are marked “narrator” or the name of the character. Sometimes there is overlap between all of these parts. If you’re not sure, just ask.
  4. For an instruction video on how to record yourself singing, please check out this link. The recording should ideally be of just your voice, not the accompaniment track, so a second device (tablet, cellphone, computer) and headphones are useful.

Part 1 – Introduction to the Joseph Story and a Call to Dreamers

This week we have a story, a musical learning link, and an instruction video. We’ll be adding new content each week so please check back often.

Any Dream Will Do – Teaching Track for Part 1

Part 2 – Joseph’s Beautiful Coat

Instructions for Jacob and Sons
Jacob and Sons – Teaching Track
Instructions for Joseph’s Coat
Joseph’s Coat – Teaching Track

Part 3 – Joseph’s Dreams

Part 4 – Joseph in Prison

Part 5 – Pharaoh’s Dreams

Part 6 – Brothers in Trouble

Part 7 – The Family Reunited

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